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May 24, 2011 /

I am tired of riding in hot stuffed buses with too many people and “room for more”. I am tired of being gone from home and family. I am tired of heat and sweating and no A/C. I am tired of hearing languages that I am unable to understand. I am tired of filth and spiritual oppression and poverty on every hand.

I am stretched by the 4 ½ hour 1500’ up the mountain climb. I am stretched by the hunger and spiritual cry of the Christians of other lands. I am stretched by the vastness of the need of peoples that have never heard. I am stretched by the heart of natives to see God’s glory take the place of the devil’s stolen claims in their lands. I am stretched by the multitudes that worship false gods innumerable.

I am blessed by the brother who shares with me the points that I taught in past conferences. I am blessed by the spiritual fervor and the heart cry to God of His people. I am blessed by the many who share their testimony of suffering, sacrifice, vision, and resolve to see the kingdom of God increased among their own people. I am blessed by those who have left family and culture to seek after the true and living God.

I can’t wait to hear the call of God and see Him provide for the next opportunity to share with hungry hearts the truth of God’s word. Here I am Lord, what do you have in store?

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