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July 14, 2011 /

The old saying is “how time flies when you’re having fun.”

While that is certainly true it isn’t the whole story. The truth is time just flies! There are surely people that find this not to be the case- invalids, sick, etc, but it doesn’t change the reality.

Second by second, time just keeps its steady rhythm of moving on.

Each day 86,400 seconds tick by.

By age 1 you have already ticked off (I hope not in the bad sense) 31,536,000 of these little critters!! Unbelievable!!!

Even if we are in difficult circumstances the little things just keep on moving at the same speed the world around. An older man I know said “if you watch the pennies the dollars take care of themselves”. I think the same applies to the seconds and minutes of our lives. If we watch them carefully the weeks, months and years will be in proper place as well.

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