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May 17, 2013 /

It was good once again to be able to go to Nepal with MTM for a time of Bible teaching. It is always a learning time for me as well as for those we teach. We have opportunities from God that will impact for eternity. I am always challenged by those who have so recently become citizens of the heavenly kingdom. There are several areas of challenge for me.

First, the challenge of spreading the Gospel to the unreached across the mountains of Nepal and beyond. These dear people take this huge job very seriously and are actively giving themselves to this great work. Several of the ones in our class had just returned from weeks of trekking through the mountains (ask myself or brother Raymond what that feels like!) carrying a generator, petrol, projector, as well as a few personal belongings and some food to take the story of Jesus to 24 villages and 4500 people in an area with at least 70 more unreached villages. Would I be willing to get in my car and drive a few minutes to take the message? Or spend a few moments passing out some tracts (without breaking a sweat , experiencing hardships or suffering persecution?

Second, the challenge of using the opportunities at hand to point people to the source of life. The power of Jesus to heal and to deliver from the deceiver and murderer of the souls of men is a means of many people turning to the One who is able- to whom else would we go? While we sit questioning and arguing the interpretation or validity of miracles and healing, these believers take seriously the ability of our Lord to meet whatever needs are found as they cross the spiritually darkened and chained mountain areas. To say our God is stronger means little until we face the powers of darkness head-on and show the reality whereof we speak.

Third, the hunger for the life-giving and life-changing Word is a challenge to me over and over. For us to sit in our comfortable pews and grumble if the preacher goes a few minutes overtime is mocked by the weeks (literally) that these precious souls sit on hard concrete or dirt floors listening to us who cannot speak their language teach them the truths of the Gospel while they struggle to understand in their own tongue all that God would show them. How is my appetite?

I am blessed to have once again had the life changing opportunity to go and teach along with Bro Raymond in response to the resounding cry of hunger for truth across the Asian sector of our world. I just want to especially bless my home congregation for making this possible. If you want to do something for your pastor that will change their ministry for life bless them to go and teach on the other side of the world.

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