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October 31, 2011 /

I can hardly believe how fast time flies. The last post was back in the summer and now many of the trees have already lost this years’ leafy spread. As I rode along the highways and saw the beauty of fall colors I couldn’t help but think how the leaves in their quiet, unknowing, and unassuming way do something that we are also designed to do.

Our problem is we get all caught up in ourselves and lose our purpose. Leaves certainly don’t call attention to themselves- they are all so much alike on a tree. They work together to call our attention to the reality that there is a level of sophistication here that demands some questions and answers. Why do leaves change color? How do leaves change color? What determines their color? On and on.

There is scientific process that relates to all of this BUT WHERE DOES SUCH BEAUTY AND SUCH COMPLEXITY GET IT’S IMPETUS?? The beauty of the leaves points to intelligence and creativity. Let’s just admit it!! Maybe we should analyze our lives and see how our uniqueness and our place in community should work together to exalt our Creator and stop seeking attention for ourselves!?!

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