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February 14, 2015 /

It was again a privilege to visit the country of Nepal, one of the top ten places in the world where the gospel is spreading most rapidly. My wife and I had the blessing of taking one of our granddaughters along with us. We went in a cooler season this time, but the warmth of the people made up for all the inconvenience of the weather.

One of the things that impressed me so much was the Bible knowledge of the pastor’s son. He was only 6 or 7 years old but he was able to answer questions about our discussion that most of the adults were unable to answer. He had an advantage above most of the others as a result of his fathers’ excellent teaching.

We were in an area of the country which I had never visited so there were new sights and things to observe, but one consistent point stands out: there are multitudes who have never heard and are under the bondage and darkness of the prince and power of the air.

One of the things that moves me over and over again is the commitment of the native people to the task of sharing the message of life and hope with their own countrymen. They face many obstacles and some persecution but continue on faithfully, boldly, and relentlessly in an intense effort to take the message to the myriad of villages throughout the mountains. They have little in the way of physical resources so they must rely on the power of their Lord and the many ways that He works to empower them as they go.

The burden that is imparted to me from this working together is that we would also, as American Christians, be consumed with the great task of spreading the message of the Gospel and making God’s name great in the earth

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